Name: Rigas Mezd-Dhraar
Pronouns: He/Him and They/Them

Age: 364 years old [Syf years]
420 years old [Earth years]

Height: 6'3

Appearance: Pale, with strong angular features. Thin, with somewhat defined muscles. Pale grey-blue eyes, head shaved on either side with mahogany hair slicked back on the top of his head. One large scar across his face, from either side of his jaw over the bridge of his nose. Facial tattoos on his throat and forehead, supposedly from Warp.

Species/Race: Revillian Vampire- Half Blooded Human

Home Planet: Syf

Home System: Ulypso

Magic Type: Haemoturgy, Black Magic/Necromancy
Blood Relations-
 ○ Adrien Mezd-Dhraar- Father- Deceased
○ Lucia Vexx Fathrot- Mother- Deceased
Familial Relations-
○ Palatia Mezd-Dhraar- Wife- Deceased- Reanimated
Was born into the Crimson Circle under his father, Adrien, who was a member of the Halycon (The Governing Body) at the time. His mother was human, but due to her relation to Adrien she was welcomed into the Circle also. Rigas and his mother underwent much prejudice for their affiliation to humanity, until Rigas showed signs of strong mystic ability and physical prowess. He was very close friends with Kaskun Auriel Arbias.
At age 12, Rigas earned his fangs like any other young vampire, like a coming of age.
He earned his name at 15, until then he was referred to as Son of Adrien or Son of Lucia. Many of the elders and other vampires his age referred to him as "The Revillian".
At 17, He was inducted into Haemoturgy, to prove loyalty to his father, the Crimson Circle, and Atreus, God of the Life Blood. 
Not long after, Kaskun turned on the Circle and, in a rampage, murdered Theron and other members of the Halcyon, including his father Adrien; as well as various other members of the Circle, and his mother Lucia. He mortally wounded Rigas, but could not bring himself to kill him, leaving him to die.
In the wake of the destruction and his only reliable friend exiled, Rigas swore himself to Atreus and swore vengeance against Kaskun for his actions. He began to practise dark, forbidden magics, and delved into necromancy.
Traits (Strengths)
    • Resilient- Despite his hardships and the immense stress of his past, Rigas is extremely driven and refuses to give up.
    • Powerful- Rigas is an incredibly powerful sorcerer. 
    • Determined- When Rigas sets his mind to something, he will see it through to the end, no matter how long or how intense it may be.
    • Loyal- The people Rigas trusts, he trusts with his life, albeit they are very few and far between.
    • Tactful- It's rare anything Rigas does is messy or uncalculated. He plans ahead effectively and sees things through with precision. 
Traits (Flaws)
    • Brutal- Rigas will kill without question. He does not consider life a gift, instead as a transitional period- once you are dead, you belong to him.
    • Insane- Rigas lost his sanity many years ago and is unpredictable, violent and cruel.
    • Vengeful- Rigas cannot let go of the past and resents those who have done him wrong so wholly that it consumed him.
    • Cold- Nothing matters to Rigas except his own benefit.
    • Angry- He has a terrible temper, can be emotionally driven, and incurring his wrath is a fate worse than death.
Education -
Well versed and environmentally attuned. Rigas had a relatively an intermediate education on things such as science and maths. He is literate in Selran. He learns English, Palms and other off world languages later on, but prefers to write and read Selran. Magically competent. 
Sexuality -

Biggest Fear -
Not avenging his family, being powerless

Ideal future -
Wiping out Kaskun and all pureblood vampires, freedom, dominating the  world with dark magic

Pet Peeves -

Being referred to as a halfblood, Mentioning Kas, speaking against him, disrespect or rebellion against him

Motivation -

 "I must avenge those who were wrongfully taken from me."

Introvert or Extrovert? -

Outlook on life -
Pessimistic, Nihilist

Happiest Memory -

Marrying Palatia

Greatest regret -

Being too weak to kill Kaskun the day he took his family from him
Favourite Place-
The Wildlands
Favourite Sound-
Raw Magic
Favourite Quote-
"For Life and Death are one, even as the river and sea are one."
Favourite Song-
Bring Out The Devil
Favourite Hobbies-
Reading, reanimation, summoning, planning advances, spellcasting in general

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