Tax has increased to 30%
Black and white -
£45 GBP (+£13.50 Tax)
$58 USD (+$18 Tax)
$87 AUD (+$26 Tax)

Colour -
£70 GBP (+£21 Tax)
$89 USD (+$27 Tax)
$136 AUD (+$41 Tax)
+ Background - £20 GBP /$25 USD/ $39 AUD
Simple Backgrounds Free
Adding another character? +1/2 Full rate
Black and white-
£100 GBP (+£30 Tax)
$127 USD (+$39 Tax)
$195 AUD (+$58 Tax)
£180 GBP (+£54 Tax)
$230 USD (+$69 Tax)
$350 AUD (+$105 Tax)

+ Background - £60 GBP / $77 USD / $115 AUD    Simple Backgrounds Free
Adding another character? +1/2 Full rate
Comes with 2 Outfit Variations
£250 GBP (+£75 Tax)
$320 USD (+$95 Tax)
$485 AUD (+$145 Tax)

Backgrounds Unavailable
Adding another outfit variation or a weapon reference? +1/2 Full rate
Pixel Art- Tax Included In Price
Still Character - No Animation
£40 GBP / $51 USD / $77 AUD
Animated Character - Basic Movement
£60 GBP / $77 USD / $116 AUD
Animated Scene  - Animated BG/Effects and Character
£150 GBP / $190 USD / $290 AUD 
Adding another character? +1x Full rate
BULK DEAL- 5x Animated Characters for 15% off!
Custom Tarot Cards Set
Single Cards
£50 GBP (+£15 Tax)
$64 USD (+$19 Tax)
$98 AUD (+$30 Tax)
Major Arcana (22 Cards, All Characters)
£1000 GBP (+£300 Tax)
$1268 USD (+$380 Tax)
$1945 AUD (+$583 Tax)
Minor Arcana (56 Cards, Simplified)
£1600 GBP  (+£480 Tax)
$2030 USD (+$608 Tax)
$3110 AUD (+$933 Tax)
Minor Arcana (56 Cards, All Characters)
£2800 GBP (+£840 Tax)
$3550 USD (+$1065 Tax)
$5443 AUD (+$1632 Tax)
Full Deck (78 Cards, All Characters)
£4000 GBP  (+£1200 Tax)
$5070 USD  (+$1520 Tax)
$7775 AUD  (+$2332 Tax)
Major Arcana Sets (Examples)
Minor Arcana Sets (Examples)
Please get in touch and describe what sort of animation you are looking for!
Key details to include will be-
 > If the project will be fully animated, or an animatic
>If there is lipsyncing involved (Character's talking to audio provided by you with copyright permission unless for private use)
>If the project will be in black and white, or in colour
>How many characters it will involve
>What you want the characters to be doing
I can then meet with you on a live chat and we can discuss a quote based on what you are after.
Animation STARTS at £1000 and will increase depending on the content of the commission.
Interested in a commission? I have a waiting list available for freelance work- make sure to check my social media to see if I am open for commissions.
Please understand if you do not provide adequate reference, this will incur extra charges.
Images are preferred, but if you can only provide a description, I will send you a form with information to fill out about the character/commission to make the process as smooth as we can!
Please take the time to read my TOS! It is important to respect my terms should you want to commission me.
Commission Agreement 
Prior to commissioning Toby, you are automatically agreeing to these terms. As a client, you are expected to read these terms. Commissioning stolen characters or characters that do not belong to you without explicit permission from the owner (unless it is fan artwork) will not be accepted and Toby reserves the right to refuse to work on these requests. Half of a commission payment must be made up front when the commission is agreed upon, and half is to be paid at the end of the commission process when the piece is complete. Commissioner(s) agree to the following statements:

1] You may not use any of Toby's artwork for any commercial use unless a copyright fee is discussed and paid for.
Toby reserves the right to refuse a commission should it be used for financial gain after the commission is completed- he does not claim ownership, and copyrights of any clients characters, however the artwork is still under his name and cannot be posted anywhere without the appropriate credit, unless stated otherwise explicitly between commissioner and artist. Prints, posters or t-shirts designs of any kind including Toby's artwork are not allowed to be made / sold for any profit without stating in a contract and paying a copyright or royalties fee.

2] Refunds are not available beyond the sketching phase. 
Toby will not refund you the full amount once the commission has moved past the sketching stage. This stage will be clearly signposted and should you agree to allow him to start lining you forfeit the right to request a refund as you have given express permission to continue. Major changes past this stage - changing the pose of the entire character, redrawing the lineart from scratch etc. - will be charged. This charge will change depending on the amount of time needed to implement the change. Toby reserves the right to cancel any commissions if the commissioner harasses, threatens, or makes the process particularly difficult due to rudeness or out of spite.

3] Toby can decline any future commission work.
Toby can refuse to do a piece for a number of reasons- if the artwork is being commissioned by someone who has previously been rude or difficult to work with, or if the artwork contains content that Toby does not want to or isn't comfortable drawing.
4] Payments are done through Bank Transfer, Paypal or Wise.
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