Name: Raa'ul Taklaati
Pronouns: He/Him and They/Them
Age: 47 years old
Height: 6'11
Appearance: Long, bushy greying hair. Lower jaw is covered in thick scarring. Dotted in scars across arms, torso and legs. Grey-brown skin with lighter skin on the palms and soles of his feet. Blunted tusks jutt out of his bottom lip. Gold-yellow eyes.
Species/Race: Half-Orc, Half-Goliath
Home Planet: Earth [5e setting]
Home System: 5e DND
Magic Type- Healing [Evocation] and Astral Magic
Blood Relations-
○ Dirym Sidus- Mother- Whereabouts Unknown
○ Nath'Ital Taklaati- Father- Whereabouts Unknown
Familial Relations-
○ Gorious The Glorious- Dwarven Party Member- Brother
○ Malakai- Eleven Party Member- Brother- Deceased
○ Aether Strain- Aasimar Party Member- Sister
○ Alexander Grey- Drow - Son

Traits (Strengths)-
    • Kind-Hearted- Raa'ul is compassionate and open to helping anyone in need to the best of his ability.
    • Brave- Even when terrified, Raa'ul will stand in the face of danger if it means keeping those dear to him safe.
    • Strong- Physically, Raa'ul is strong as can be.
    • Compassion- Raa'ul is very empathetic and will try to approach situations diplomatically before having to resort to violence.
    • Forgiving- Raa'ul is usually willing to bury the hatchet, unless something really horrendous happened to him or his friends/family.
    • Influential- Raa'ul is good at making others feel safe and welcome around him, and diffusing difficult situations, even if he isn't the most charismatic individual.
Traits (Flaws)- 
    • Selfless- Raa'ul usually puts the needs of those around him above himself, often to his own detriment.
    • Overly Trusting- Raa'ul can be easily coerced if he believes someone is there to be friends with him. He struggles to identify ulterior motives.  
    • Impulsive- Raa'ul doesn't always think about what he's doing before he does it.
    • Booksmart, not Streetsmart- Social etiquette are often lost on Raa'ul. He's not the best in social situations, even if he likes being around others.
    • Responsible- Raa'ul consistently feels responsible for the wellbeing of those around him.
    • Dawnwalker- A version of Raa'ul's personality- the representation of his anger and hatred from his time before in the war- has been manifested as an alternate person who inhabits the same body as him. Occasionally, Dawnwalker will front and make decisions on behalf of Raa'ul, with his own motives.
Raa'ul spent 25 years in the Tulya Library, and has taught himself the majority of his magical ability and knowledge of the Arcane. He's fluent in a multitude of langauges and tutors Evocation to early students  of the Aeolus Academy. He is not particularly versed in street-smarts however.

Sexuality -
Polyamorous Pansexual

Biggest Fear -
Forgetting the people dear to him

Ideal future -
Settling down with a partner or multiple and having a family

Pet Peeves -
Others manipulating people into doing what they want, hurting others unnecessarily, people mocking his language or memory, being unable to help

Motivation -
"I want equality and to know the truth. The people deserve to know."

Introvert or Extrovert?    

Outlook on life -
Optimistic Realist

Happiest Memory -
Spending time with his party

Greatest regret-
Allowing Aeolus to manipulate him, forcing Dawnwalker into suppression for 25 years
Favourite Place -
Around loved ones, be it family or friends
Favourite Sound -
Music, particularly the lute
Favourite Quote -
"You think hitting is hard? Try healing something.
You can break something in two seconds- and it'll take forever to fix it."
Favourite Hobbies -
Drawing, Writing in his journal
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