Name: Glynn Amadon
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5'10
Appearance: Peach skin covered in ginger freckles. Short ginger hair, shaved at the sides and back, and very curly. He bears thick mutton chops on either side of his jaw, that when left unshaven, connect with a short goatee at the chin. Hazel green eyes. Very lithe frame, skinny to the point of ribs exposed through skin- malnourished. Has a gap in his two front teeth.
Species/Race: Half-Elf
Home Planet: Earth [5e setting]
Home System: 5e DND
Magic Type- Circle of Dreams Druidic magic
Family Connections:
    • Mother- Brigitte Amadon- 54 years old, Alchemist
    • Father- Rawlin Amadon- 59 years old, Legionnaire of The Crown
    • Eldest Sister- Ada Amadon- 15 years old, Mercenary-in-training to The Crown
    • Twin Sister- Sosanna Amadon- 7 years old, Handmaiden to the Church of Pheena
    • Twin Sister- Elewys Amadon- 7 years old, Handmaiden to the Church of Pheena
Originating in Bylo, and a devout of Pheena, Glynn is a scout carrying out the duty of the Crown from the cover of shadows. He lives peacefully with his whole family- Mother, Father, and three younger sisters, whom he cherishes more than the world itself. As the oldest sibling, and the carrier of his Father’s bow, he feels dutiful to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Although he loves his home and he is hesitant to leave his family behind, he yearns for adventure, and to bring his skills past the outreaches of Bylo and his sect.
Glynn grew up in a sheltered community of travelling guard, and spent a lot of his youth worrying his Mother sick by sneaking onto patrols and trips with his Father. He often spent much time away from his home during this time, learning his skills through observation and on-duty action. The thrill of the hunt remains as fresh in him now as it had when he was a small boy.
One evening, when Glynn was young and the night was cold, he followed his Father’s sect into the midst of a raid- the small ranger was barely able to defend himself, armed only with a tiny knife and clad in the pale blues of his sect. His Father risked his life in order to save Glynn, becoming paralyzed from the waist down in the process, and losing feeling in his upper body.
They were lucky to escape alive. Although the memory is hazy, Glynn feels very strongly about his Father’s actions that night- and lead him to want to not only provide and protect his own kin, but others like himself who would’ve been lost to the tides of war if someone had not intervened. He wants to be there to save others. Even at the cost of his own life.
Upon hearing of the call to The Crown Army, Glynn knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to prove himself a soldier- and to provide his skills in combat to carry on the legacy his Father had left. Although worn from his training and often treacherous lifestyle, he’s bright, cheery, and optimistic about every opportunity and person that he comes across, no matter the background. He believes there to be good in everyone, somewhere- and if they prove him wrong, they are well met with a flurry of arrows.
Traits (Strengths)-
    • Brave- Glynn is dedicated to his duties and will do anything to make sure the right side succeeds.
        • Determined- Glynn is cheery, optimistic, and will try most things with full confidence.
    • Polite- Glynn always addresses everyone with the sincerest respect.
Traits (Flaws)- 
• Traumatised- Glynn was forced to be a soldier from a young age- whether his temperament shows it or not, he's still just a kid who's been conscripted into a killer.
    • Cold- When it comes to killing without hesitance, Glynn is the first to shoot. He's fast, and feels no remorse if he believes its the right thing to do.
    • Weak- Glynn is physically pretty fragile.
Glynn is homeschooled on topics of science, maths and alchemy, as well as understanding most literature available to the less wealthy. He was trained from a very young age to wield a weapon, more specifically a bow. He's a trained soldier, first and foremost.

Sexuality -
Bisexual FtM (Transgender)

Biggest Fear -
Losing his family, being unable to prove himself

Ideal future -
Becoming what he perceives to be a 'hero'

Pet Peeves -
People being unnecessarily disrespectful, creeps, people who bully those under them or those that aren't as strong as them 

Motivation -
"I want to be a hero and prove I can help people."

Introvert or Extrovert?

Outlook on life -

Happiest Memory -
Teaching his sister Ada to fire a bow for the first time, being gifted his father's bow

Greatest regret-
Allowing his father to get injured because of him, leaving him with permanent lifelong injuries
Favourite Place -
At home, amongst his family
Favourite Sound -
Nature, undisturbed
Favourite Quote -
"There is something in me that knows I am more than what they say."
Favourite Song -
Dancing After Death
Favourite Hobbies -
Hunting, singing to himself or to his sisters, birdwatching
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