Name: Eisaac Sel-Fortunis
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Age: 21 years old
Height: 5'7
Appearance: Shaven head, covered in intricate arcane tattoos. Jade green eyes, accented in aqua. Clean shaven. Very thin frame, and missing an arm near the shoulder joint on his right side. Minor scarring on left arm, halfway up the forearm.
Species/Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth [5e setting]
Home System: 5e DND
Magic Type- Evocation magic
Blood Relations-
○ Hanna Sel-Fortunis - Mother
○ Esbur Sel-Fortunis - Father
Familial Relations-
Eisaac studied at one of the many military academies of the arcane arts in the Duchy after showing an affinity for magic from a young age. Brought into his studies at the age of 15, initially Eisaac was introduced to apothecarial learning, though he showed very little interest or ability to apply knowledge. Although he took in much of the information and was able to relay it with pinpoint accuracy, application was shoddy or limited, and he decided to pursue more creative magic instead, moving his focus to Evocation.
He studied for almost a decade honing his skills as a powerful evocation mage, showing far stronger prowess in combative magic than restorative. It was in his final year that he began to notice cracks in the authoritarian regime, and began to build up a sense of his own morals that didn’t align with his superiors after seeing the aftermath of the Trials of the Magi. Some dear friends returned to him in a terrible state, if not as corpses. He swore against taking part in these trials, and refused outright when called upon.
Eisaac devised a plan with two other students to escape and flee the region entirely to avoid enlisting into the Duchess’ militia, now his motives had changed. One fateful night, they were caught by the watchful wandering guard, and running into the neighboring woodland in an attempt to escape persecution, both the people he had escaped with were shot and killed. Eisaac barely escaped with his life, sending a fireball barrelling into the oncoming guard, and using the havoc to escape after sustaining significant injury to his left arm.

Many hours of traveling in pitch darkness provided Eisaac the distance to lose the search of the guard. His injury was quickly becoming more of a problem, succumbing to compartment syndrome faster than he could find a settlement as a healer. Losing feeling in his arm and getting more light headed by the minute, he made the decision to take care of the injury before it turned necrose in the coming days. It would be better to live without an arm than die with two.
Summoning shelter, Eisaac used the small blade he kept on his person and an open flame to carefully whittle through flesh and bone, severing his own arm from the shoulder joint. It was a long and painstaking process, unbearable pain, but the wizard survived. Magic would come to replace his missing limb, and although not as strong, an adequate replacement.
It would take many more days of on-foot travel with a fresh wound before he crossed the border into the South. Searching for shelter, he went to the only place he knew to be safe- Pen’elia’s home in Macclesfield. He’d met her by chance many years ago during the height of his studies, and the two had stayed in contact as friends. At the very least, he may be able to assist her and earn his keep to stay with her for a while despite being an unwanted and unexpected guest. 
It has been about 6 months since he arrived in Macclesfield, by the heat on Eisaac’s head is still high and people are still on his tail. He’s had a few close calls and any bounty posters that may have made their way over the border torn down and burnt, but he’s made his place in this town as a rather eccentric young wizard in the company of the local elven mage.

Traits (Strengths)-
    • Self-Assured- Eisaac has a lot of faith in his arcane knowledge and abilities.
        • Determined- When Eisaac needs something done, no matter how drastic, he will get it done. Even fear can't stop his endeavors.
    • Efficient- Eisaac uses his intelligence to find the best solution to any problem with his wellbeing at top-priority. This includes knowing when best to turn back.
Traits (Flaws)- 
    • Cowardly- Eisaac tends to avoid physical conflict and will flee if he thinks he can't win- even abandoning his team for his own sake. 
• Arrogant- Eisaac is argumentative, cocky, and just a bit of a dick all round.
     • Combative/Competitive- The wizard has a way of turning everything into a competition to prove he's not as weak as people seem to think he is.
    • Narcissist- Eisaac has a little too much faith that he knows more than he actually does, and will even go to the lengths to lie about what he knows to seem like the smartest in the room. 

Eisaac is a military trained war-caster. Evocation magic wasn't his first choice, but it's certainly the one he picked up the fastest and with the most proficiency. He was in education since he was very young and it shows, though lacking in emotional maturity.

Sexuality -

Biggest Fear -
The Duchess of Nimressa getting her hands on him when he isn't ready to take her out

Ideal future -
Becoming powerful enough that people might listen to him as a voice of power and reason

Pet Peeves -
Disrespecting his abilities, making fun of his missing arm/his physical weaknesses

Motivation -
"I want the Duchess to pay for what she's done, at any cost."

Introvert or Extrovert?

Outlook on life -

Happiest Memory -
Meeting his friends in the Military Academy

Greatest regret-
Involving his friends in their escape attempt, and subsequently watching them die
Favourite Place -
In a libary or arcane study
Favourite Sound -
Magic humming
Favourite Quote -
"I already know my last words; they will not be regrets or advice."
Favourite Song -
Favourite Hobbies -
Reading/Studying, Experimenting with Magic
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