Name: Dionysus Olette
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 89 years old
Height: 6'4
Appearance: Deep blue scaled skin. Ivory hair and goatee, neatly trimmed. Large claws blend into fingertips. A two pronged long tail can be used as a separate mobile appendage. Two sets of horns that are tipped in silver curl from a single point on the back of his head under his hair. Two pronged toes on deer-esque legs are lined in fur of similar color to his hair. A large, obsidian gem is embedded in the centre of his chest, turning the surrounding capillaries black.
Species/Race: Fiend blooded Tiefling/Dragonborn
Home Planet: Earth [5e setting]
Home System: 5e DND
Magic Type- Healing [Evocation] and Order Magic
Blood Relations-
○Erezun Snowscale- Mother- Deceased
○ Vol'Dahl Olette- Father- Deceased
Familial Relations-
○ Sae Qinre- Wife- Deceased
○ Calarel Olette- Son- Deceased
Dionysus had spent countless years refusing the cultivation of his natural arcana. Fiend-blood lead to infernal magicks, and Draconic of radiance. The conflict was never much of an issue however as the early years of Dions life were spent studying and cultivating his fiendish inherited power, in light of his fathers influence.
With his mother's blood in him, his connection lay tied to Novus. Tiefling and Draconic alike, he channeled the power of Order from his Lord, despite his fathers intervention. This magic was powerful, but controlled- until it fell into the hands of his father's Master, Cauis, God of Chaos.
Order became Subjugation. Dionysus grew powerful in his ability to command and dictate over  many years of hard study and training, both on and off the field. When Vol'Dahl, his father, passed, Dion sought freedom from the Chaos God in his grief. Pheena found him in a distant temple, and offered him the peace he begged for- but his peace was freedom from the shackles of society as well as his arcane ability. The Illusory Stone was bestowed to him to hide his identity and sever his ties; In turn, his heart was offered to remove the grief that plagued it. Dion didn't think of the consequence of missing his heart, he only wanted to be free of his pain and his pact. And so, he was. Free. 
His freedom lead him overseas to the Phantom Hollow, home to the Rebellion against Ithyquill's dictatorship. Enlisting to support the cause, he hoped to bring an end to Cauis' ruling over the land and his influence on the unsuspecting. A personal vendetta, maybe, but valiant in his duties and noble in his action. Dionysus rose ranks fast, and stood at the title of Defender; Although one of many, a title he was proud of.
It was when Celestials began to enter his duties that his path shifted off course. Hyd'Ariel, Fifth of Pheena herself and the host of their shared body, Solheimn Erathis. When Sol was thrust into Dion's care, the Defenders duties were swapped to accommodate his intergration into this new world. A celestial who's power channelled from the Chaos God rather than Pheena, brought from a cult that had raised him in hopes of using his power to turn the tide of the upcoming war in Cauis' favour.
Dionysus spent months attempting to accommodate him. Bearing witness to the others power, and the appearance of the true Celestine, Hyd'Ariel. Although injured a few times, the two of them grew close, and eventually almost inseparable despite Dionysus' stern nature. His unfeeling stone replacement of a heart had room for one, it seemed. Solheimn.
But Hyd'Ariel had other plans. As one of Pheena's own agents he could see the suppressed magic residing in Dionysus- the power of Order, restrained and left untended in his soul. Order who's energy stemmed from Novus, but ties remained to Cauis. Corrupted.
The angel sought to cultivate the magic and purify it in Pheena's name to aid in the wake of war against Ithyquill. Dion was reluctant initially to do so, concerned it may restrengthen his wavered line to the Hells and to Cauis, but Hyd'Ariel was insistent. With enough coaxing, the Defender began to cultivate the magic once more, a forgotten arcana, with Hyd'Ariel at his hip to assist in its development. But the line between power and self-destruction was thin, dancing along a cliffedge that required precision and patience. 

Traits (Strengths)-
    • Brave- Dion will stand in the face of danger without fear for the sake of his duty.
• Strong- Dion is strong both physically and mentally, despite being mortal.
        • Determined- When Dion wants something done, he will go out of his way to see it through.
    • Efficient- Dion will always be able to find the most productive and efficient way around a problem.
Traits (Flaws)- 
    • Selfless- Dionysus will forgo aiding himself above the needs of his men or his company.
• Angry- Dion is not quick to anger perse, but once you have incurred his wrath, it will come down on you like hellfire.
     • Distant- Dion is mostly unable to make any emotional connections to anything due to losing said ability to his deal with Pheena.
    • Cold- Dion comes across a lot colder than he is. He often will refuse to assist unless absolutely necessary if it doesn't have anything to do with duty.
    • Realistic- Dion is blunt and will tell you the most likely outcome, whether you want to hear it or not.

Dionysus is self taught in magic, and his father taught him armed combat. War tactics came when he rose the ranks of the military, and he has little interest in mechanical understanding of things such as automation or alchemy. 

Sexuality -

Biggest Fear -
Falling back into the hands of the Chaos God, being unable to fulfill his duty

Ideal future -
Settling down with a partner and having a family

Pet Peeves -
People not respecting his personal space, bothering him when he isn't working, people who refuse assistance in times of need [hypocritical]

Motivation -
"I want to be seen as capable and strong. I want to fight."

Introvert or Extrovert?

Outlook on life -
Nihilistic Realist

Happiest Memory -
Calarel's birth, growing close to Solheimn

Greatest regret-
The death of Sae and Calarel when they tried to protect him from hunters
Favourite Place -
At home, usually alone
Favourite Sound -
Favourite Quote -
"Beware of me; I am fearless, and therefore, powerful."
Favourite Song -
Come and get me
Favourite Hobbies -
Exercise/working out, reading/studying
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