Name: Corrus Imitos

Pronouns: He/Him (AFAB- Transgender)

Age:  182 years old [Syf Years]
210 years old [Earth Years]

Height: 5'3

Appearance: Short brown/red hair, a little curly. Deep green eyes. Neatly trimmed goatee. Frail, thin build. Has various limbs replaced with wooden prosthetics- right arm, left leg. A faded burn mark patterns the right side of his face.

Species/Race: Human(?)

Home Planet: Mauliv/Cela's Halo

Home System: Ulypso

Magic Type: None- Nomage
DISCLAIMER- Originally, Corrus' design included a device fitted to the right side of his head, and his prosthetics were designed as being made of metal. These have since changed as I updated the lore of the world and his history!
• Blood Relations
○ Silvanus Wolfbane- Shared Genetics
Corrus has been under Silvanus' close supervision for just over 175 years. He was 'born' on Cela's Halo, Silv having stunted his aging at 22, leaving Corrus looking young and staying rather short in comparison to his superiors. Emulating the effects of elven youth on a humanoid.
Corrus is one of Silv's first sentient artificial life forms via a variant of the Clone spell that had not deferred from orders.
Corrus did not have a name, nor did he question any of the atrocities Silvanus enforced him to commit. He worked entirely indubitably of his boss' motives, did as he was commanded to no matter how abhorrent.
He currently works at ARDA- The Arcane Repository for Dangerous Artifacts- as an associate of the Syndicate, Silvanus' governing body on the Halo. He's been temporarily posted on Syf at their base location in Saralis.
Traits (Strengths)
    • Empathetic- Corrus has a surprisingly compassionate and anxious personality, despite Silvanus' obvious distaste towards it.
    • Brave- Even if he is terrified, Corrus will stand up against danger should he have to, should he feel there is something worth fighting for.
    • Brilliant- Corrus has Silvanus' inquisitive nature and is quick to learn, as well as being skilled in his field. 
    • Determined- When Corrus sets his mind to something, he will see it through to the end.
    • Attentive- Corrus is good at following orders and instruction with efficiency.
Traits (Flaws)
    • Forgiving- Corrus will turn the other cheek in the presence of Silv, even at the most barbarous acts of violence.
    • Ignorant- Corrus knows nothing outside of what Silv wants him to know, leaving him naïve to the outside world.
    • Impulsive- Corrus often 'acts before thinking', and actively puts himself in the way of danger.
    • Lack of Self-preservation- Corrus does not care for himself, as he has been conditioned to believe he is expendable.
    • Frail- Corrus is mostly human, and naturally relatively weak in comparison to a lot of his associates.
Taught medical science and genetics/engineering from Silvanus. He is significantly lacking in social skills and anything outside of Silvanus' desires, however.

Sexuality -
Biggest Fear -
Remaining subservient for the rest of his life

Ideal future -
Freedom to be his own person, to not have to follow strict orders

Pet Peeves -

Being referred to as a 'Lab Rat', people mocking his height, ignorance, standing by idly in the face of injustice

Motivation -
"I just want to be free."

Introvert or Extrovert? -

Outlook on life -

Nihilist, Realist

Happiest Memory -
Getting given his name, Corrus

Greatest regret -
Allowing Silvanus' experimentation on unwilling subjects
Favourite Place -
His office, or the ARDA Library
Favourite Sound -
Silence, Pages turning
Favourite Quote-
"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."
Favourite Song -
Favourite Hobbies -
Inventing, tinkering, learning new things

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