Name: Kaskun Auriel Arbias
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 367 years old [Syf Years]
424 years old [Earth Years]
Height: 6'7
Appearance: Somewhat wavy brown hair. Desaturated red eyes Large, muscular build. Facial hair covers his jaw and chin, but doesn't go much higher. Tattoos/Warp scars across his left arm. Untidy in general, but does his best to stay hygienic.
Species/Race: Pure Blooded Vampire
Home Planet: Syf
Home System: Ulypso
Magic Type- Elemental [Fire, Evocation], Haemoturgy
Blood Relations-
        ○ Theron Vulrum Onii- Father- Deceased
        ○ Tenza Theron Onii- Brother- Deceased
        ○ Auriel Ivis Arbias- Mother- Whereabouts Unknown, pronounced Deceased, unconfirmed
Familial Relations-
        ○ Andris Goldtide- Husband- Deceased
        ○ Dresden Tenza Onii- Son- Deceased
Was born into the Crimson Circle, a vampire clan with power in Kolis, Under his father, Theron, who was a Clan Overseer at the time. He was very close friends with Rigas Mezd-Dhraar.
He earned his name at 15- until then he was referred to as Son of Theron or Son of Auriel.
At 17, He was inducted into Haemoturgy, and sacrificed his younger brother to prove loyalty to his father, the Crimson Circle, and Atreus, God of the Life Blood. 
Kas experienced an 'awakening' not long after; that the Crimson Circle was damaging and a threat to all life outside of it. In a uncontrollable, feral fit of rage, Kas destroyed the temple he had grown up in, taking the lives of those within it including that of his father. His mother was not present at the time.
He fled into the Wildlands and learned to fend for himself, and has remained a wanderer since.
Traits (Strengths)
    • Kind-Hearted- When Kas loves or cares about something he does so with every fibre of his being.
    • Brave- Despite his own fears, in most cases Kas will stand in the face of danger if it means keeping those dear to him safe.
    • Strong- Despite his trauma, Kas keeps going.
    • Positive outlook- Even in dire straits, Kas seems to be able to always think of a positive, even if it's only there to comfort himself and those around him.
    • Compassion- Kas is very empathetic.
    • Loyal- Kas is a very devoted individual, and if you are lucky enough for him to consider you a loved one, he will stay faithful to you no matter what happens.
    • Forgiving- Kas is usually willing to let the past stay in the past- at least for other people.
    • Influential- Kas is good at making others feel safe and welcome around him whilst he is in a sober state, and does his best to keep personal or vampiric issues away from them as not to damage that.
Traits (Flaws)- 
    • Selfless- Kas usually puts the needs of those around him over his own, leading to neglecting his own basic requirements.
    • Overly Trusting- Kas is very quick to let his guard down, including around strangers.
    • Uncontrollable Vampirism- Kas can turn from very minor things to a point where he is unable to control himself around others and puts people nearby in danger.
    • Impulsive- Kas acts before thinking of the consequences.
    • Self-blame- Kas is quick to pin the blame on himself, courtesy of Silv having done so for centuries.
    • Responsible- Kas consistently feels responsible for the wellbeing of those around him.
    • Haunted- Kas' past clings to him, and it's something that hasn't decreased over time- it still plays into him now, and how he reacts to certain people or situations.
    • Blind optimism- Kas often ignores the harsh reality of a lot of things and lives in denial.
Street-smart, is very environmentally attuned. Kas had a relatively rudimentary education on things such as science and math as a child, but is literate in Selran. He was taught English from Silv later on, but prefers to write and read Selran. Magically competent. History, Astronomy, Animal management and Botany/Alchemy are his favourite subjects.

Sexuality -

Biggest Fear -
Being truly alone, succumbing to Warp, open bodies of water/the sea

Ideal future -
Settling down, peace, knowing his loved ones are safe

Pet Peeves -
Other's putting him above themselves, Others manipulating people into doing what they want, Hurting others unnecessarily, discrimination for his vampirism in any form, being referred to as less than a person 

Motivation -
"I want peace and happiness."

Introvert or Extrovert?    

Outlook on life -
A little nonchalant, optimistic to others, pessimistic to himself

Happiest Memory -
Marrying Andris, adopting Dresden

Greatest regret-
The deaths of Andris and Dresden, trusting Silvanus
Favourite Place -
The dense jungles on his home planet, Syf
Around loved ones, be it family or friends
Favourite Sound -
Music, particularly the lute, shamisen, hurdy-gurdy or violin
Favourite Quote -
"When you are at the end of your tether, tie a knot and hold on."
Favourite Hobbies -
Playing the hurdy-gurdy, tending to animals, wood carving, writing/transcribing history

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